We saw Hilary in Clitheroe for my little girl – I am so impressed with the difference in tension in her – she is so much easier to handle and visibly more relaxed and settled. Treatment has also helped with her feeding, which had been difficult due to tongue tie. Thank you so much!

I am so impressed with the difference

I came to see Hilary to see if she could help with my autistic sons sleeping habits, even though he was on medication to help him wind down it wasn’t quite doing the trick, so after adjusting some of his medication and seeing Hilary every week for several weeks we now have a very good sleep routine and a calmer little boy who is happy to have Hilary’s magic hands make him feel happy and content.

We see Hilary now once a month and other people who have seen our son say how much calmer he has become.

Thank you Hilary, your magic touch is really helping to make him a much calmer little boy

Hilary has the magic touch!

We first visited Hilary when my baby Aaminah was just 6 weeks old. Born after a long and traumatic birth and underweight, we really struggled for a few weeks with constant crying discomfort and no sleep. The sleep is still a battle but Hilary treated tension in her head and tummy and Aaminah is so settled. We continued to visit Hilary so she could keep an eye on development and Aaminah is now doing amazingly at nearly 8 months and we have finally reached the end of our visits with Hilary.

I cannot thank Hilary enough, as a first time mum I really felt heard about my concerns.

Hilary also came highly recommended as she actually treated my brothers twins over 8 years ago!

Thank you Hilary from Aaminah and her parents and we wish you all the best.

Hilary’s Expert Care for Aaminah’s Settled Sleep Journey

For 2 1/2 years our little girl struggled with sleeping, she would take hours to settle at night and would then wake numerous times, often for many hours. Our daughter also struggled with reflux and would regularly be sick, she also had a reoccurring chesty cough that would last for weeks.

We visited the GP many times and sadly we’re left with no answers other than “she will grow out of it and she’s picking up coughs from nursery.”

Due to the lack of sleep, and clearly discomfort she was in our little girls development was behind that of her peers. She wouldn’t engage with activities and was very demanding throughout the day.

We were exhausted and concerned at the lack of sleep with no improvements and her development.

We were recommended Hilary by another osteopath. Upon our first visit within minutes of being in the room, Hilary identified that our daughter was hyper mobile and also could be suffering from Diastasis Recti (split stomach muscles) she treated our daughter and after the first 30 minute appointment we already saw improvements in her sleep, behaviour and engagement when awake and decreased number of times she was vomiting.

Hilary is an expert in her field, professional, understanding and genuinely cares about each individual patient.

We visited the clinic 4 times in total and now have a happy, healthy, thriving little girl who is developing in line with her peers and sleeps through the night undisturbed.

We cannot thank Hilary enough for her work, diagnosis and the treatment she gave our little girl.

We would highly recommend Hilary to all our friends and family.

The team at Kendal House have also being very helpful, thorough and always on hand to support with appointments, paperwork and maintained exemplary professional conduct throughout our visits.

Thank you.

We cannot thank Hilary enough

We cannot thank Hilary from Kendal House Clinics enough for what she has done for our little boy, and for our confidence and anxieties of being new mummy’s.

Teddy has plagiocephaly, which is now SO much better. I as a new mum suffered extreme anxiety and just knew something wasn’t 100% right with my baby! He needed a bit of help with his development and his neck and Hilary is a magician! From day one he was able to do tummy time and lift his head, and has hit every developmental milestone!!! And my mind has been put at rest knowing we have done the best for our baby boy and set him up right for his developmental journey.


And forever grateful for Hilary. Our journey has come to an end and I just wanted to try and show our appreciation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And forever grateful for Hilary