All Osteopaths learn how to treat pregnant women at undergraduate level.

At this special time, a woman’s body has to adapt to the demands of the growing baby. The increasing load needs to be carried and the body needs to adapt to it. Sometimes the body cannot make these changes or reacts adversely to the hormone levels of, for example, relaxin a hormone that slackens your ligaments. This can lead to backache, neckache, knee pain, heartburn and lack of sleep.

After the hard work of delivering the baby, we then have a new set of demands, such as, carrying car seats, nappy changing, feeding. All while the body is trying to adjust back to normal. The rectus abdominis muscle in the front of the abdomen eases apart in late pregnancy and birth and this needs to close up again afterwards.

As Osteopaths we help the lady’s body to make those changes necessary for carrying the infant and for the changes after birth. It is amazing how much more comfortable you could be with some Osteopathic help.

Quite often we know when a patient is first pregnant, as there is a very particular back pain which occurs at this time.

The best time to treat

We do like to see you in your pregnancy. It is most beneficial before 13 weeks and after 17 weeks. Osteopathy is a safe form of treatment for you and your child.

We consider that every woman and child should be checked after the birth by an Osteopath to prevent problems in the future that might arise from pregnancy and birth.