Structural Osteopathy holds the key to your physical body. It reaches far beyond your back and neck, to muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood supply and body tissue. It is an Osteopath’s job to take your body function to its absolute peak because then it can work best for you. Together with your brain, the backbone holds the basis of your whole nervous system. So if you have open heart surgery that will also have an effect around your fourth thoracic vertebra because this is where the nerve supply to your heart comes from. Osteopathy reaches where others do not.

This is why patients often say to us that their bowels feel more comfortable when we have treated them, that their constipation has gone, for example.

Osteopaths are highly trained to diagnose your problem. The training is at least a four year degree course. We use a system of sympathetic questioning about your problem, and then take into account your medical history. As Osteopaths, we use our highly sensitive fingers to feel and sense how your body is behaving. We can `see` your body with our seeing, thinking, intelligent fingers. This gives a diagnosis explaining how and why you have got your pain and is the key to effective treatment.


Osteopaths use their hands to treat you. In that way we have a constant monitoring system, feeling how your body is reading our techniques.

Osteopathic techniques are tailored for the individual, as you get better we can use different techniques. For example we might use muscle energy techniques if you are acute, then soft tissue work (massage) and later muscle stretching. We articulate, use gentle traction and manipulation techniques when appropriate. There are very few people who would not benefit from a treatment by an Osteopath.