Sports men and women are special. They work their body to a high pitch, requiring absolute perfection.

An injured sports person will be well served by Osteopathy by the Percival Osteopath team. Osteopathy diagnoses exactly why you have injured yourself and treats you enabling your body to heal quickly and effectively. Then we work out together how to prevent you re-injuring yourself.

Osteopathy helps your body reach that height of perfection that you need for your sport. We know exactly how your body works and we will find what is not functioning correctly. By using our hands, we get your joints, muscles and ligaments to play in perfect balance.


Some of you may have had a reoccurrence of your injury, stopping you from enjoying and performing your sports to your best. If you are one of these people, you may need an Osteopath such as Robin Percival who specialises in chronic problems. Along with his Osteopathy, he has studied Applied Kinesiology and Pilates. He will absolutely tease out those of your muscles which are weak and not functioning to their utmost. This is a time consuming and intricate process but strengthening that particular muscle could be the key to preventing further injury.

For example, you could have a weak gracilis muscle in your hip which is allowing your thigh to collapse inwards which may give a repetitive strain to the inside of your knee, hence giving constant trouble in the knee. Strengthening that muscle could take the pain away.